Explore The Kinds of Garage Door Opener Brands

Garage Door Opener Brands

Choosing between Garage Door Opener Brands

Once upon a time, electric garage door openers were a luxury. Today, they are some of the most advanced equipment in residences. As the demand got higher, the options among openers increased and so did the manufacturers. The truth is that most of them have been around for a while and some have become leading brands worldwide. Such things are not accidental. It takes hard work, competitive solutions, but also innovative products to remain for decades on the market. And that’s what names, like Liftmaster and Genie, have accomplished. And they are not the only garage door opener brands available either.

A closer approach to the biggest garage door opener brands

Some of the greatest brands include Craftsman and Marantec too. Sears distributes the former whereas the products of the latter are made in Germany. Craftsman along with Liftmaster are brands of the Chamberlain Group. And the Chamberlain openers are for do-it-yourselfers. Genie is one of the first opener brands too and currently belongs to the Overhead Door Corporation. What all these brands have in common is that they make chain, belt, and screw drive openers. Although the opener features vary among brands but also among models, most of them integrate a backup battery and sensors.

The safety features are necessary in any new opener made since 1993. And that’s why it is common to all brands. The door must reverse when the beam of the photo eyes is interrupted but also stop upon contact with an object or person. If not, you may need urgent garage door repair. All brands also offer various types of motors, since their power (which might range from ½ to 1 ¾) is chose according to weight of the garage door. One more common progressive step by all brands is that they started making openers and clickers with a rolling code technology so that they wouldn’t be external radio interferences.

The Liftmaster new age opener system

What makes Chamberlain products special is that the company first built Wi-Fi in openers. The idea was to enable users to control the status of their garage door even if they are not at home. And so the MyQ technology was born to allow people to use their smartphone or computer to activate the opener via internet. So if you are not sure if the door was left open or want to open it for your child but you are still in the office, you can use this advanced technology. The company also added extra features, like the time-to-close, which will allow you to arrange the time the door will close once you get inside. And such features are only a fraction of what new generation Liftmaster openers offer.

The Genie approach to new garage door openers

Genie is one of the leading brands too. It offers a wide range of both DC and AC motors and integrates a variety of features for the increased security and safety of users, but it also focused on developing its clickers. A while back, Genie introduced the Closed Confirm remote. This special clicker flashes and beeps to let users know that the door shut. The latest product by Genie is the Aladdin Connect device. This acts more or less like MyQ since it allows you to monitor the opener from a distance. It also lets you know if an unauthorized person has come in and gives you the dates of the door opening and closing.

And that’s just the start of the next generation garage door openers, which seem to make fast progress thanks to the dedication of such large brands. Does that mean you don’t need garage door repair opener services? No, it simply means that everyone’s life becomes easier and safer. Need more information? Contact Dream Garage Door!

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