Garage Door opener Repair can be very affordable, it’s all depend what garage door company you pick.

Your garage door opener controls the door’s ability to open and close, and the newer models even help protect your property and loved ones by ensuring the door doesn’t close down on anything, or anyone. Dream Garage Door understands that garage door opener repair must be performed quickly and with expert precision, as a garage door that won’t close can welcome in wild animals, bad weather, and even car thieves.

Some of the most common problems our certified technicians face in an average garage door opener repair job include:

Slacking Belt/Chain.

Intermittent stopping.


Scraping sounds.

Blinking Lights.

Remote Not functioning.

Door hums but doesn’t budge.

Wall Button not functioning.

In most cases there is no need to replace the opener instead routine garage door opener repair service takes care of the problem and we leave the home with the garage door working as good as new. We are available 24/7, 365 days a year in order to offer outstanding garage door opener repair to homes throughout California. Give us a call today and let our friendly customer service team dispatch your nearest Dream Garage Door service team to your home!

Dream Garage Door California Opener Repair

Garage Door Opener Repair

If your garage door won’t open, there could be A  problem with the garage door opener. By performing some simple troubleshooting, you might be able to avoid giving us a call. Try performing these steps:

Check your door by pulling the emergency release chord. If the door doesn’t open or close smoothly then you can point your finger of blame at the tracks, springs, or rollers.

Test the wall switch. Unscrew one of the wires and tap it against the terminal. If the opener starts running, replace the switch.

Check the batteries in your remote.

Make sure the garage door opener isn’t set to ‘vacation mode’.

If none of these check out, don’t attempt repairs on your own. Garage doors function on high torsion and severe injuries and even deaths have occurred when people who haven’t been trained attempt performing garage door opener repair DIY projects on their own. Our Dream Garage Door crew members are certified and licensed to get the job done right the first time, and without any catastrophes!

Why Do Garage Door Openers Fail?

Garage door openers typically fail because they are off balance. Our Dream Garage Door pros perform a balance test in our 25-point garage door safety inspection, as suggested by DASMA. The purpose behind this test is to determine if your garage door is well balanced or not. In the event the garage door isn’t balanced it will put an excessive measure of weight on the opener and will facilitate means for your garage door opener to constantly malfunction. Do you hear a grinding noise? If so, chances are pretty high that you have a balancing issue.

Another reason for requiring garage door opener repairs is that the wrong springs are being used. You can’t just slap any garage door spring into your system.  Springs must be a certain size to work safely with various garage doors.

Our Dream Garage Door techs are known throughout California for offering the lowest prices, best quality garage door opener repair, and the best customer service in the industry!  We are available 24/7, so give us a call and let our dedicated team get your garage door back in shape!