Garage door springs, torsion springs and extension springs are all responsible for supporting the weight of your garage door. They are all involved in the process of opening or closing. This is a pretty big responsibility. The garage door spring torsion principal functions via an inexpensive device. This device consists of a spring torsion directed shaft that rotates and lifts a drum. This drum winds your garage door cables. The device is mounted above the door. It then poses great threat if you don’t know how to work with them. Dream Garage Door technicians are certified masters when it comes to garage door repair dealing with springs. The energy in your garage door springs is compacted into an uncontrolled release mechanism that has the ability to break objects. There is also a high risk to cause serious injuries to people. You may say to yourself, “sure, but getting under my car to drain the oil could potentially kill me too”. However, hospital emergency rooms across the country report severe injuries every year as A result of people trying to work with garage door springs. This is a tragedy that happens more often than you think!

Garage Door Springs

DIY Garage Door Springs Repair

When it comes to making repairs that involve garage door springs, you had better delete this task for your to-do list! Unless you have been trained to repair garage doors, there are way too many risks involved, as we discussed above.

In addition to DIY garage door springs repairs posing too many dangerous risks, the parts needed to do most jobs are extremely hard to come (unless you work directly in the industry). In fact, most distributors and manufacturers won’t even sell the parts directly to the general public because there are too many risks when it comes to garage door springs repairs. The manufacturer doesn’t want to be held liable in the event you lose an eye.

Our Dream Garage Door teams are staffed with certified technicians that know garage door springs and torsion springs. The way you know your ABC and 123, it is elementary school to us at best! If your garage door springs are broken give us a call and rest easy knowing the job will be done quickly and at an affordable price.

Why Do Garage Door Springs Break?

Believe it or not, most garage door springs simply break from routine wear and tear. Your common grade of torsion garage door springs have a lifespan of roughly 10,000 cycles. Keep in mind they experience incredible force every single time your door opens and closes. Over time, the garage door springs succumb to fatigue until they crack and break. When this happens stored up energy is instantly released with A “boing” noise that can cause the door to crash in with violent force. If you do the math, you will see most average garage door springs last about seven years. If you open and close your garage door twice a day resulting in four movements per day, you have usage of 2500 days or about seven years.

We had a client from Encino, Ca who was leaving to go pick her kids up from school and as she was backing out of her driveway she witnessed her garage door crash down with a force so violent it put a crack in her concrete. Sure enough, it had been seven years and 2 months to the day her new garage door and its torsion spring system had been installed. Our Dream Garage Door team was able to speed on over and start working on her door before she even returned home with the kids! If your garage door springs have been living strong for almost seven years give us a call. Let our garage door repair Los Angeles team perform an inspection to ensure you and your property are safe!