If your garage door cables break, there is a good chance you are either stuck in your garage, or you can’t get back in. Dream Garage Door technicians are experts when it comes to garage door repair services that involve cables. Garage door cable are integral components to your garage door’s system—rollers lift the doors and cable accompany them to allow smooth gentle motion. Garage door cables come in a number of sizes and materials. The size of the garage door cable depends on the size of the door. For example, if you have a seven-foot door you will need a cable that is 8’6’’. Some cables are designed for freezing weather, while others are coated with a material to prevent damage from high salinity and moisture in the air. At Dream Garage Door our technicians know how to find the right cables for your door and we can install them in no time!

Why Do Garage Door Cables Break?

Garage door cables break from general use—wear and tear that occurs over time. In some cases, the cable will start to splinter and slowly fall apart before it just snaps with a violent force. In other situations, the cable can rust. When your garage door cables rust they weaken, get dried out, and snap. Homes with ocean-front properties or houses near the ocean tend to see a lot more garage door cables that suffer from rust. This is because there is lots of moisture and salt in the air.

Garage door cable

How to Replace Garage Door Cable?

Making repairs when garage door cable are involved is not really a DIY project unless you are trained for this kind of work. First of all, it is dangerous because garage door cables work under immense amounts of torsion pressure and you can very easily injure yourself or cause damage to your property. Secondly, it is very easy to buy the wrong cables unless you know exactly what you need. However, if you are a contractor or handyman who has received training in making garage door repairs, here are some easy steps to follow:

  • Open the door and clamp the cable in the track if the door won’t budge.
  • Fasten a vice grip below the door on the track to prevent the door from falling.
  • Pull the grips in a counterclockwise direction to release shaft tension. Pull slightly to let out a little cable slack.
  • Use a Flathead to remove cable loop.
  • Unwind cable and remove it from the pulley slot.
  • Take the new cable and stick the bent end into the pulley notch and push it to the center.
  • Wind cable counterclockwise until a foot of cable remains.
  • Place cable loop end over the garage door connector.
  • Tighten shaft and remove the vice grips.

As you can see, there are a number of steps involved in this process. Dream Garage Door has done this thousands of times, and we can ensure the job gets done quickly, safely, correctly, and at the lowest price in all of California! Contact us today, and let our experts install your new garage door cables using our 24/7 fast, same day garage door repair services!