Remove Oil Stains from Garage Floor

How to Remove Oil Stains from a Concrete Garage Floor

Leaving oil and grease stains on your garage floor not only makes it look bad, but it can cause slips, get tracked through the house and ruin your favorite shoes. If you want to add a good floor finish coating to your garage, you have to get rid of those oil deposits first.

Types of flooring- the bad

  • Solvent-based floor coatings are bad for the environment and can damage your concrete.
  • Absorbent materials like cat litter or sawdust soak up the oil, but they don’t do anything for the stain left behind.
  • Regular detergents entail a lot of scrubbing and may change the color of the concrete or leave behind deposits.

Try this product instead:

Use Pour-N-Restore to get rid of oil spots. Make sure your floor is dry and pour it on and one inch around the stain. Leave it alone and let it dry- which could take up to eight hours or more. Pour-N-Restore, a cleaner which combines a non-leaching absorbent with a citrus degreaser, is good for spot-cleaning.

After the Pour-N-Restore has dried, sweep up the powder and let all of the moisture dissolve. With sealed flooring it can take several weeks for the stain to disappear. If any residue remains, repeat the process.


To make sure the area is clean, scrape away any sand, grit or standing oil using a putty knife or firm plastic scraper. Since Pour-N-Restore is a strong solution, wear eye protection and open windows/use ventilation and a dust mask before applying the degreaser to the stain. Use a notched trowel to apply the solution evenly. For best results and less wait time, apply the product when the temperatures are above 60 degrees Fahrenheit.

When it dries, sweep up the remains and throw it away. Give it a few more days for the moisture to evaporate. If the stain is still there, reapply the Pour-N-Restore and scrub it with a brush or broom with nylon bristles, then throw away any residue left over.

Do not use Pour-N-Restore for asphalt flooring.

Degreasing larger stains:

Griot’s Oil & Grease Cleaner is harmless to the environment and can be rinsed away into the storm sewer. To get rid of bigger oil and grease stains, apply the spray to it and wait five minutes. If your stain has heavy grease buildup, scrub the spot with a nylon bristle brush before you rinse it (don’t use a wire brush- it can cause scarring).

Griot’s is great for cleaning up small spots or your entire garage floor. It can work wonders while being so mild that it doesn’t harm plants or animals. This is perfect for pressure-washing, since the cleaner can flow right into the storm sewer. All you do to get rid of stains is spray it, wait five minutes, and then finish it off with a hard blast of water.